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As we’ve promised, we’re not taking a break this year.

After releasing Separated last year and playing numerous shows, around the end of 2021 we took a well-deserved, little break. After new year’s eve went by we, and our to-do book felt that it’s time to get back on track. We had this demo for a while with synths, some drums (that’s how we usually start writing a song), so a few of us sat down and recorded and arranged the rest of it. We’ve never done any recording session in our rehearsal room until this year. The vocal tracks were almost completely got recorded in our practice space, which was, well, odd and kind of fun. Editing, producing, mixing and mastering was done in-house as well – that’s something we’ve been doing since the beginning. For Dissonance a whole new sound was arranged, a new approach of mixing, one can say, which worked out pretty well.

During this pretty active period our fall-season of live shows also began together, with Hungarian band Mudfield. It was a pleasure to meet these guys, they are were really cool with us, we were really looking forward for the shows together. From night to night the crowd was amazing, we had so much fun!

One of the greatest thing in this year for us is being able to play as a guest of Annisokay! We are looking forward to this show, which will take place at 19/05 at Barba Negra (Budapest, HU). Save the date and see you there!