PHRENIA is one of the most listened-to modern metal bands in Vojvodina. Initially known for their pop-metal adaptations, the band now exclusively performs original songs in both English and Hungarian. In their music, they blend the hardness and energy of metal with the soaring electronic elements, characteristic of pop music, incorporating catchy and diverse vocal melodies and unique instrumental solutions. Their live performances are characterized by a massive, clear sound and energetic playing, enhanced by unique lighting effects.

The band has released 2 full-length albums, 2 EPs, and numerous singles. Their latest full-length album, ‘Separated,’ was released in 2021 under the Hungarian label H-Music and included as a CD supplement in the August issue of HammerWorld magazine. They regularly introduce new songs with spectacular music videos among their major releases.

Several of the band’s songs have hundreds of thousands of listens on Spotify, with their most popular (Hungarian) track, “Köddé Vált,” being played over 700,000 times on the mentioned platform.

Julian Gordán

Lead Vocals • Guitar

Péter Horváth


Sándor Pásztor


Szabolcs Sebők

Keyboard • Back Vocals